Post #004: Persistence

London, February 28, 2017

I have always had a love for tortoises. My partner reminded me of this recently, when she shared with me a lovely YouTube video on these wonderful creatures. In my mind, tortoises do not symbolize “security” or “slowness”, but embody an archetype of “persistence”.

When I started working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant to Dr Stylianos Tsakiris [1] at the Laboratory of Physiology of the Medical School of Athens, I have only been a medical student for a few weeks [2]. The mentorship I have received and the insight I have gained through this post, have shaped my career choices all the way to date. However, these choices never came without a price.

Persistence is an admirable virtue. It might require confidence that sometimes can be ungrounded or even mixed with arrogance. It might require faith. It might require luck. What makes it admirable though, is the test of time. In contrast to other virtues, persistence is the toilsome ability to flow through the trials with clarity and patience: to keep going and to stick to your vision even when confidence betrays you, even when faith fails you, even when luck abandons you. As such, persistence might not always lead you to the realization of your vision, but will certainly mark in you the moral endeavor of becoming a “man”.


Notes: [1]: Dr Tsakiris was an Assistant Professor of Physiology at the time; [2]: November 16, 2001.

Citation: Zarros A. Post #004: Persistence. 2017; 28-Feb.