Autobiographical Note

Dr Apostolos Zarros, physician, MRes, PhD, PhD
Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow

I was born in Greece (1983) and was raised in a small coastal town by the Corinthian Gulf. Inspired to establish a family tradition, I completed my medical studies at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Throughout my studies I worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant to Associate Professor Stylianos Tsakiris, with whom I had the chance to conduct a significant amount of experimental work focusing on rat brain-derived membrane-bound enzyme activities within the context of experimentally-simulated toxic and metabolic encephalopathies. Part of this work has formed the basis for the award of a PhD (by published work / retrospective) by the University of Bolton (supervised by Professors Elias Siores and Martin Grootveld).

In 2011 I was awarded a studentship within the prestigious Wellcome Trust PhD Programme at the University of Glasgow. As part of this Programme, I completed the MRes in Molecular Functions in Disease before pursuing a PhD in Neuropathology at the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences of the University of Glasgow (supervised by Professors George S. Baillie and William Cushley). My PhD Thesis in Neuropathology focused on the development and assessment of in vitro simulation approaches to intracerebral haemorrhage, and incorporated the cytomorphological characterisation and the real-time cellular response profiling of an immortalised embryonic murine hippocampal cell-line (mHippoE-14).

In 2015 I was appointed as a Research Associate at the Research Department of Pharmaceutics of the University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy, and participated in an ambitious consortium project aiming to develop antibody-bearing nanoparticles that could be delivered to the brain via the intranasal route. While at that position, I conducted pharmacokinetic studies on the intranasal-to-brain delivery of nanoparticles in rodents, and undertook teaching training through courses offered by the UCL Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching. Following my resignation from that appointment (2016), I had the honour to serve as a Research Assistant to Professor Tilli Tansey OBE FMedSci at the Wellcome Trust-funded History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group of the Queen Mary University of London, and to contribute to the Group’s research activity and editorial work on the witness seminar transcript series entitled “Wellcome Witnesses to Contemporary Medicine” and the interview transcripts’ compiling “Voices of Modern Biomedicine” series.

In 2017 I was appointed as a Research Associate at the Institute of Cancer Sciences of the University of Glasgow, where I worked under Professor Anthony Chalmers on an exciting project funded by AstraZeneca; the project will contribute to the understanding of the impact of ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM) kinase inhibition on radiation-induced neuropathology, through imaging, behavioural, histopathological, cellular and molecular studies. While at this position (2017-2018), and currently through an appointment as an Honorary Research Fellow, I have the chance to undertake light-shedding in vitro and in vivo research on the molecular mechanisms involved in brain radiotoxicity, with an emphasis on the effects of radiation on neural stem cells.

In 2019 I followed my partner to Norway.

My research work focuses: (i) on the translational challenges associated with the experimental simulation of brain diseases towards the development of more reliable drug-screening tools and models, (ii) on the design and translational interpretation of pharmacosimulatory brain maps, as well as (iii) on the pharmacological targeting of sodium / potassium adenosine triphosphatase (Na+,K+-ATPase).

I serve as an Associate Editor for Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery of Frontiers in Pharmacology, as a Member of the Editorial Board of Annals of Research Hospitals, and as a Member of the International Advisory Board of the International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology.

I am a Member of the British Pharmacological Society.


– Honorary Research Fellowship, University of Glasgow (2018)
– Wellcome Trust PhD Programme Studentship, University of Glasgow (2011)
– Distinction, Hellenic Society of Pharmacology (2004)