BornApostolos Zarros (Greek: Απόστολος Ζάρρος)
09 November 1983, Greece
Alma materUniversity of Glasgow
2017: Doctor of Philosophy in Neuropathology; PhD
2012: Master of Research in Molecular Functions in Disease; MRes
University of Bolton
2014: Doctor of Philosophy by published work / retrospective; PhD
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
2011: Degree (Ptychio) holder in Medicine; physician
ThesesDevelopment and assessment of in vitro simulation approaches to intracerebral haemorrhage
PhD Thesis in Neuropathology, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, 2017
Contribution to the study of experimentally-simulated toxic and metabolic encephalopathies
PhD Thesis by published work / retrospective, University of Bolton, Bolton, 2014
InstitutionsPharmacological Research Observatory
2020-: Director
University of Babylon
2020-: Visiting Professor, College of Pharmacy
University of Glasgow
2020-2021: Laboratory Scientist, Lighthouse Lab in Glasgow
2018-: Honorary Research Fellow, Institute of Cancer Sciences
2017-2018: Research Associate, Institute of Cancer Sciences
Queen Mary University of London
2016-2017: Research Assistant, School of History
University College London
2015-2016: Research Associate, UCL School of Pharmacy
FieldsHistory of Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, Science Diplomacy
InstitutesInstitute of Biomedical Science
2021-: Fellow; FIBMS
SocietiesBritish Society for the History of Science
2021-: Member
The Royal Society of Medicine
2021-: Fellow
British Pharmacological Society
2021-: Ambassador to the University of Babylon
2016-: Member
JournalsFrontiers in Immunology
2021-: Review Editor for Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Disorders
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation
2021-: Editorial Board Member
Journal of Exploratory Research in Pharmacology
2021-: Editorial Board Member
Advances in Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences
2020-: Academic Editor
BMC Research Notes
2020-: Editorial Board Member for Life Sciences
Current Molecular Pharmacology
2020-: Regional Editor for Europe
Drug Research
2020-: Editorial Board Member
Frontiers in Physiology
2020-: Review Editor for Membrane Physiology and Membrane Biophysics
2020-: Editorial Board Member
Frontiers in Pharmacology
2019-: Associate Editor for Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Annals of Research Hospitals
2018-2019: Editorial Board Member
AwardsAmbassadorship to the University of Babylon
British Pharmacological Society, 2021
Honorary Research Fellowship
University of Glasgow, 2018
Wellcome Trust PhD Programme Studentship
University of Glasgow, 2011
Hellenic Society of Pharmacology, 2004