Born:Apostolos Zarros (Greek: Απόστολος Ζάρρος), 09 November 1983, Greece
Alma mater:University of Glasgow (2017: PhD; 2012: MRes), University of Bolton (2014: PhD), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2011: physician)
Theses:Development and assessment of in vitro simulation approaches to intracerebral haemorrhage (2017), Contribution to the study of experimentally-simulated toxic and metabolic encephalopathies (2014)
Institutions:Pharmacological Research Observatory (2020-: Director), University of Babylon (2020-: Visiting Professor), University of Glasgow (2020-: Laboratory Scientist; 2018-: Honorary Research Fellow; 2017-2018: Research Associate), Queen Mary University of London (2016-2017: Research Assistant), University College London (2015-2016: Research Associate)
Fields:History of Science, Medicine, Pharmacology
Societies:British Society for the History of Science (2021-: Member), The Royal Society of Medicine (2021-: Fellow), British Pharmacological Society (2016-: Member)
Journals:International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation (2021-: Editorial Board Member), Advances in Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2020-: Academic Editor), BMC Research Notes (2020-: Editorial Board Member for Life Sciences), Current Molecular Pharmacology (2020-: Regional Editor for Europe), Drug Research (2020-: Editorial Board Member), Frontiers in Physiology (2020-: Review Editor for Membrane Physiology and Membrane Biophysics), Pharmacology (2020-: Editorial Board Member), Frontiers in Pharmacology (2019-: Associate Editor for Experimental Pharmacology and Drug Discovery), Annals of Research Hospitals (2018-2019: Editorial Board Member)
Awards:Honorary Research Fellowship (University of Glasgow, 2018), Wellcome Trust PhD Programme Studentship (University of Glasgow, 2011), Distinction (Hellenic Society of Pharmacology, 2004)