neuropathopoiesis | …

  • derived forms: neuropathopoietic (adjective)
  1. Zarros A. Prerequisites for a reliable introduction of in vitro neurotoxicity testing within the REACH framework. Neurotoxicology 2014; 44: 365.

ofiomosaic (model of myelination) | term devised for a suggested model of myelination, based on experimental data generated by Ioannidou et al.[1]. The data suggest that myelination involves a series of dynamic interactions that begins with the initial contact of an oligodendrocyte progenitor cell process moving along neurites and forming spirals of cytoplasm-filled membrane from which myelin membrane ‘‘fillsout’’. Real-time imaging presented by Ioannidou et al.[1] suggests this membrane sheath forms cuffs which thicken, join up, and then extend along the axon; thus, the model suggests that myelination involves a combination of mechanisms where the ‘‘serpent’’ model[2] predominates with aspects of the ‘‘patchwork quilt’’ model[3,4].

  • alternative: ophiomosaic (model of myelination)
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